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No software could clean my PDF file, but this online tool did :

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Disclaimer: this note is not finished yet. When trying to compile, you may encounter some Ivy errors. Server access Error: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid…

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In Eclipse, the following exception message may occur: « could not publish to the serveur » (nullpointerexception). This error may appear if one of the deployed application does not exist anymore. Delete…

Posted by admin - 23 décembre 2013 - no comments

If a javascript function must be executed using some managed bean output, the complex data should be accessible using the data attribute (e.g. in jsFunction) to point the Managed Bean…

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You may alert easily display the content (with identation) of a javascript object by using the following method: (JSON.stringify(myObj));

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A very common mistake, in jsFunction from Richfaces is to use f:param instead of a4j:param. This would explain lot of issues.

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A small tip to retrieve in Javascript the parameter in the URL. The function inputs are the parameter name, and the url (which could be obtained through parent.window.location). getURLParameterFromURL =  …

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Some important standard specifications using WS-Addressing for asynchronous communications are not compliant with the specifications. As stated in the WS-Addressing specification, by the following sentence : This section specifies the…

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Forcing the reload of an application on Glassfish server can easily be done by deleting /autodeploy/.autodeploystatus/webappname file (where webappname is replace by the application name). Touching web.xml is not working…

Posted by admin - 22 février 2013 - no comments

Why my buttons or actions or listener don’t work ? The most frequent issue is that you forgot to put a form or wrote « form » instead of the « h:form » tag……

  • Tips on Postgres Installation 9 novembre 2018
    Some tips for installing Postgres 10:Install:sudo rpm -Uvh yum install postgresql10-server postgresql10sudo /usr/pgsql-10/bin/postgresql-10-setup initdbsudo systemctl start postgresql-10.servicesudo systemctl enable postgresql-10.serviceStop/restart:service postgresql-10 restartEnable md5 authentication (password):1. vi /var/lib/pgsql/10/data/pg_hba.conf (adapt the path)2. set md5 for authentication methods3.restart postgresCreate new user:createuser -P -e gepadminCreate new DB: createdb -e -O gepadmin wpsTest new DB connection:psql -U gepadmin -W -d wps
  • Java get file mime type 9 novembre 2018
    In Java 7 you can now just use Files.probeContentType(path).
  • Glassfish 5.0 Bug Joda Time 9 novembre 2018
    There seems to have a bug of a missing dependency when starting a simple REST Web App (using JPA).It complains about Joda Time missing.
  • Monitor Traffic HTTP with TCPDump 23 octobre 2018
    1. To monitor HTTP traffic including request and response headers and message body: tcpdump -A -s 0 'tcp port 80 and (((ip[2:2] - ((ip[0]&0xf)2)) != 0)' 2. To monitor HTTP traffic including request and response headers and message body from a particular source: tcpdump -A -s 0 'src and tcp port 80 and (((ip[2:2] […]
  • Swagger CodeGen Java - Share Model btw Client and Server 23 octobre 2018
    The OpenAPIs 3.0 Code Generator on is pretty much efficient (excepted that it does not handle correctly nesting of allOf/oneOf).A lack of the Java generator is that the generated Jersey server stub does not include a client, and the generated Java client is not based on Jersey but on Gson, so the Jackson annotation are […]
  • Swagger Codegen Jersey: exclude null JSON 5 octobre 2018
    By default, the generated Jersey model includes null values. In order to prevent this, you should edit the JacksonJsonProvider class and add the following line to the new ObjectMapper class:.setSerializationInclusion(JsonInclude.Include.NON_NULL)
  • Redirect 80 traffic to 8080 5 octobre 2018
    sudo iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8080(note that it only redirects external trafic but not the loopback)
  • XMLBeans String value from XMLObject 26 septembre 2018
    XmlObject implementations can be casted to SimpleValue if the XMLObject simply contains a string value.Example:((SimpleValue)obj).getStringValue();
  • XMLBeans - Assigned a restriced/specialized subElement 26 septembre 2018
    Depending on the options and means use to generate the XMLBeans bindings classes, and the options used to parse the document, you may face situation where "ParentBinding.addGenericChild().set(specializedBinding);" results in a genericElement mixed with the specializedElement instead of having a pure specializedElement being added to the parentElement.As a workaround in such situation, what can you write […]
  • Java - Read/Write Properties files 21 septembre 2018
    The properties files (e.g. should be located in src/main/resources.You write using:Properties prop = new Properties(); OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(""); prop.setProperty("database", "localhost");, "comments");You write using:Properties prop = new Properties(); InputStream input = new FileInputStream(""); prop.load(input); prop.getProperty("database")