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Mis en ligne par admin - 22 février 2013 - Services Web, Web Applications

Liferay Portlet – FAQ

Why my buttons or actions or listener don’t work ?
The most frequent issue is that you forgot to put a form or wrote « form » instead of the « h:form » tag… 🙂

How to get the user ?
FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
String userID = fc.getExternalContext().getRemoteUser();

How to get Portlet Preferences ?
PortletPreferences pref = JSFPortletUtil.getPortletPreferences(fc);

How to store Portlet Preferences per user
Keeping default Portlet Preferences policy:

PortletPreferences pref = JSFPortletUtil.getPortletPreferences(fc);
prefs.setValue("myConfig-"+userId, myUserVal);;

Or set the Preferences Policy to be « per user », in liferay-portlet.xml add (after icon):

How to get the request ?

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