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Monthly Archives: août 2006

Posted by admin - 10 août 2006 - no comments

Voici une seconde vidéo (toujours en anglais), beaucoup plus longue qui présente ce qu’est le grid computing et les futures tendances informatiques. This is a vision for how software will…

Posted by admin - 10 août 2006 - no comments

Voici une vidéo éditée par oracle ( sur sa vision et sa solution en grid computing. Oracle présente le grid. Grid computing lets our customers run applications faster than the…

  • Netbeans: Generate a (full) JPA model diagram 1 mars 2019
    Have the correct DB model generated from the entities is not difficult.first you need to add "JPA Diagram from Reverse Engineering". Select all your entities and it will generate a first diagram.You you wish more details, right click on the diagram and select visualize DB. It will add all the dependencies with subTables.
  • JPA Define a dev / prod Data Source 1 mars 2019
    No magic in there... you simply define a profile which copy the appropriate data source file (resource.xml)        cloud              true                                           org.apache.maven.plugins            maven-war-plugin  […]
  • JPA Database Migration - Update table (names and columns) 18 février 2019
    The right approach is to use the JPA 2.1 property javax.persistence.sql-load-script-source.It allos to indicate a load SQL script (in src/main/resources).
  • Free Cloud Storage 13 février 2019
    Degoo: 100 GBMega: 50 GB (risky)Google Drive 15 GBBajoo (france) 25GBpCloud : 20 GB (good candidate)Firedrop: 100Gb (limite 50 fichiers par upload)
  • Java: Multiple Logging Libraries 4 décembre 2018
    When you classpath contains multiple logging libraries, the Java virtual machine will inevitable select one of the library. If, for an obscure reason, you are not sure which one will be used, you may add multiple configuration files in your resources folder (for example: and logback.xml and
  • Host Maven Repository for Free 27 novembre 2018
    Actually, there is no (really) free Maven repository hosting. But it does not mean you have to pay for it !Indeed, the solution comes from a very simple idea:1. Build a maven repository locally2. Copy to the file to a free hosting solution (Dropbox, Gitlab, Github, etc.)Concretely, you build using:-DaltDeploymentRepository=myRepositoryName::default::file:///C:/my/temp/dirThen you need to copy/sync/push the […]
  • Curl POST on Windows (with JSON request) 14 novembre 2018
    Most of curl versions fail on Windows to Post  JSON data, two simple workaround:1. If Git is installed, use the bash command to open a linux emulated bash. Then simply use the unix curl command. Very easy !2. Second solution: put the json in a file, and refer the file in the command line using […]
  • Tips on Postgres Installation 9 novembre 2018
    Some tips for installing Postgres 10:Install:sudo rpm -Uvh yum install postgresql10-server postgresql10sudo /usr/pgsql-10/bin/postgresql-10-setup initdbsudo systemctl start postgresql-10.servicesudo systemctl enable postgresql-10.serviceStop/restart:service postgresql-10 restartEnable md5 authentication (password):1. vi /var/lib/pgsql/10/data/pg_hba.conf (adapt the path)2. set md5 for authentication methods3.restart postgresCreate new user:createuser -P -e gepadminCreate new DB: createdb -e -O gepadmin wpsTest new DB connection:psql -U gepadmin -W -d wps
  • Java get file mime type 9 novembre 2018
    In Java 7 you can now just use Files.probeContentType(path).
  • Glassfish 5.0 Bug Joda Time 9 novembre 2018
    There seems to have a bug of a missing dependency when starting a simple REST Web App (using JPA).It complains about Joda Time missing.