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Monthly Archives: février 2006

Posted by admin - 24 février 2006 - no comments

Le grid fait intervenir un grand nombre de termes spécifiques. Certains concepts sont encore flou ou mal compris c’est pourquoi ce mois-ci sera consacré à l’explication de certains termes. L’internet…

Posted by admin - 18 février 2006 - no comments

Nous commençons une première campagne de référencement pour le moteur belge illicopresto. L’occasion de bientôt faire le point à propos de google analytics et google adwords sur Motrech le blog…

Posted by admin - 9 février 2006 - no comments

Il existe deux projets en cours visant à proposer l’infrastructure .NET en version Open Source et sous n’importe OS :– DotGNU– Mono

Posted by admin - 9 février 2006 - no comments

On me pose souvent la question, voici une réponse sommaire : Selon J2EE 1.4 (J. Weaver & co, Eyrolles) : “En simplifiant beaucoup, on peut présenter J2EE comme un ensemble…

Posted by admin - 8 février 2006 - no comments

J2EE sont les spécifications avancées par SUN, de nombreuses plateformes applicatives l’implémentent (certaines sont gratuites et d’autres pas : Sun Application Server, Oracle Server, Apache, Websphere, WebLogic, …) .NET est…

  • PostGreSQL: list table size 11 avril 2019
    SELECT nspname || '.' || relname AS "relation",    pg_size_pretty(pg_total_relation_size(C.oid)) AS "total_size"  FROM pg_class C  LEFT JOIN pg_namespace N ON (N.oid = C.relnamespace)  WHERE nspname NOT IN ('pg_catalog', 'information_schema')    AND C.relkind 'i'    AND nspname !~ '^pg_toast'  ORDER BY pg_total_relation_size(C.oid) DESC  LIMIT 200;
  • EJB - Unexpected Transaction Rollback 11 avril 2019
    A transaction is rolled back as soon as an exception is not caught. Nevertheless, even when it looks that everything is caught, the transaction roll back issue may happen:NativeQuery is your enemy : a failed query could abort the JTA transaction (container managed transaction) even when catching any exception.Some important tips:@TransactionAttribute(TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW) annotation on top of the […]
  • EJB Debugging Container Managed Transaction (JTA) 11 avril 2019
    The Java Transaction API (JTA), one of the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) APIs, enables distributed transactions to be done across multiple X/Open XA resources in a Java environment.JPA  provides two mechanisms for transactions. When used in Java EE JPA provides integration with JTA (Java Transaction API). JPA also provides its own EntityTransaction implementation for Java […]
  • Maven-patch-plugin on Windows 11 avril 2019
    In order to make the patch working:- Install cygwin  ( ) - In the package selection, add Patch (not selected by default)- Add the cygwin bin directory to the PATH environment variable- Resign into Windows (leaving the session seems mandatory).It seems that "Patch for Windows" does not work (anymore).
  • JDBC - Les Types de DataSource 8 avril 2019
    Found at : type de source de données correspond au format de base. Elle ne fournit aucune interopérabilité facilitant la mise en pool des connexions et, en tant que ressource à deux phases, elle ne peut pas participer aux transactions impliquant plusieurs ressources.javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSourceCe type de source de données se prête à la mise en pool […]
  • Windows Issue: All icons displayed with a poor resolution 5 avril 2019
    My computer crashed last night. All icons were displayed with a poor resolution in Outlook and all applications (I had the feeling to be back with Windows 95 !). Despite of that, my screen resolution was set correctly, so what's the problem ?After a while, I have found that my Theme was turned into a unstable […]
  • Suse 11.3 : PostGreSQL Installation 4 avril 2019
    Here is how to install, configure and play with your PostGreSQL server on a SUSE 11 SP3 machine.InstallationZypper installs an old version (8.4), so if you wish to get a newer server, I guess you must update your packages and repositories. In my case, this is forbidden by the customer requirements.The installation is therefore quite […]
  • SUSE 11.3 : Ora2Pg Installation 4 avril 2019
    Summary of  the Ora2Pg Installation on CentOS 11.3.Requirements:- The machine needs to access the internet to download packages- You need PostgresQL-devel (zypper install postgresql-devel) to get pg_configPERL Modules Installation1. Check that perl  5.10+ is installed (otherwise install it, e.g. using zypper):perl --version2.a Install DBI Perl Module (> 1.614) which is the DataBase Interface. zypper install perl-DBINote […]
  • SUSE - Zypper Repositories (cheat sheet) 4 avril 2019
    As a reminder, some commands related to zypper (in that case for a SUSE11.3 REPO):zypper addrepo SUSEoss zypper ar SUSEupdate  zypper ar SUSEsource  zypper ar SUSEdebugList repos:zypper reposRemove a repo (#1 listed in previous command):zypper rr 1x
  • ZFS on Google Cloud Platform 1 avril 2019
    ZFS provides single node server supporting NFS and can be installed by a simple click on the GCP Marketplace.The only information provided by google about the file system is related to the ZFS command. But unfortunately, the ZFS mode always fails on deployment (april 2019). The default file system is XFS and works fine.Two possible […]