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Posted by admin - 2 septembre 2014 - no comments

This should be an inevitable check before deploying a JSF portlet in Liferay 6.2, but be careful that, when using PrimeFaces (or lot of other frameworks/third parties) you always MUST…

Posted by admin - 23 avril 2014 - no comments

I recommand 2 Java libraries for JSON: Gson: efficient for POJO bindings (mapping JSON to classes) Jackson: good for generic JSON trees

Posted by admin - 16 avril 2014 - no comments

There is an issue with Primefaces when using the Liferay 6.2 It is required to add the following parameter for each portlet in liferay-portlet.xml. false See :

Posted by admin - 12 mars 2014 - no comments

To internationalize your JSF (portlet or application), you need: 1. Your (and,, etc.) in one of your src package. Note that it is a list of lines…

Posted by admin - 28 janvier 2014 - no comments

To get the portlet id (or rather portlet instance id) from the Managed Bean, use the following code: LiferayFacesContext context = LiferayFacesContext.getInstance(); String portletId = context.getThemeDisplay().getPortletDisplay().getId();